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Mini Mites (U8 Levels 1 & 2)

Regular Season 2015-2016
2015-2016 x Regular Season

Mini Coach: Emma Marshall

The hockey club is excited to announce a change in the structure of the U8 program for this year.  In order to better serve the needs of all children enrolled in the program we’ll be dividing our U8s into progression levels. While age will be used as a guideline for program placement, skater ability will be the determining factor.  We envision the program to work more fluidly as compared to years past, giving our coaches the ability to move children from one level to another based on their needs.  Levels 1 and 2 will be strictly in-house with no travel expectations.  Level 3 is also considered an in-house program but there will be several optional opportunities to travel throughout the season.  
LEVEL 1 - Learn to Skate / Beginning  Hockey (Ages 4-6)
- Recommended for our youngest skaters 
- Focus is on fun and games and getting participants comfortable on skates
- Session Goal - to give participants a solid base of fundamental skating skills
LEVEL 2 - Mini-Mites (Ages 5-8)
- Recommended for participants who already have a solid base of fundamental skating skills
- Focus is on having fun and building confidence
- Development of skills through small area games
- Session Goal - mastery of basic skating skills, good forward stride, perform backwards c-cuts, stop on command without falling
LEVEL 3 - Mites (Ages 7-8)
- Recommended for skaters who have several years of experience under their belts
- Continued emphasis on fun while developing skating skills
- Introduction of team play and positioning
- Preparation for transition into squirts
- Session Goal - proficient skating with powerful forward stride, basic backward stride, crossing over in the forward direction both ways, hockey stop both ways, basic puck control, basic passing skills, and basic knowledge of positions