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2020/2021 Hockey Practice Schedule

as of 10/14/2020

2020-2021 Practice Schedule as of 10-14-2020

Practice's Start TOMORROW Sunday, October 18th, 2020

I continue to think our strategy-pivot practice persist play-is sound and makes defensible sense. 

Let’s hope it turns out our co-ordinated efforts with Parks and Rec either work well as a defensive measure or end up not being necessary because Telluride has such success otherwise managing the coronavirus before it even gets to the rink. I’ll take either outcome if it gets us to March 10th with everyone still on the ship. 

I know that even with the overhang of the pandemic reminding us to be here now we will ultimately fall into the routine of a hockey season which means that hopes and dreams of young people will be all mixed up with everything else they’ve got going on in their lives. Hockey should be easy going, enjoyable, fun, an outlet, exercise, a challenge, an ongoing game, a place to chase the laser pointer.  Let’s work to keep it that way. Just like any other year it’s going to take a daily effort by everyone to keep the positive vibes flame lit. 

It’s up to us.  We will be the ones to keep the rink open. Our actions will drive the outcome.  I’m not counting on a vaccine, I’m counting on parents. It may sound corny to say, but the beauty of a public use facility is that the ongoing usage is in the public’s hands.  Bottom line is please don’t send your even a little bit sick kid to the rink or if there’s been COVID exposure that you’re aware of.  Just like with public lands, parents have to recognize that there’s a stewardship aspect to our program.  I will need your help. 

This is our time.  There’s a YX  Factor that’s in play. There’s a Wayne Gretzky when he was a kid component going on.  And there’s some beautiful unknowns to be discovered in this special year ahead.





Please reference the below practice groups for 2020/2021:

Squirt A team: WCHL 10U Squirt A champions! With a 5-1 win over Vail blue! Congratulations Squirt A, well done!

Squirt B team: had a phenomenal end to their season beating Aspen 5-1. Aspen won the Squirt B league title, but Telluride Squirt B brought it to them in their last game. 

Peewee A & B: Keep up the hard work and determination, this group of skaters has amazing heart and positive attitudes, keep an eye out very good things are to come from this group. 

U12: had a very impressive season with a record of 14-2-0, Congratulations Ladies!

U15: Congratulations on your significant progress this season, you ladies are skating faster and looking stronger every day!

Bantam A: Watch out High schoolers because these boys are coming in strong, this young team as some great talent and will be a force next year as Bantams and for years to come as High School skaters. 

High School Varsity: The Telluride varsity Miners came in 1st to win the Rio Grand High School Hockey League with a record of 17-2-1. Varsity Senior Johnny Wilcox was recognized across the entire league for his sportsmanship and Christian Bets was awarded Rookie Goaltender of the year. 

Good luck to our teams playing this weekend in Denver at the CAHA end of season tournaments. 


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Everything helps!


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