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Hockey Practice structure update

11/12/2020, 4:15pm MST
By Grayson Fertig

Dear Lizardhead Hockey Family.

Q:  I read in the paper that sports are limited to 9 people.  Does that affect hockey this afternoon?

A:  It only impacts us so far that we are going to make 3 groups out of the 25 kids that are currently in your group. Each group will train only with that group and that coach on 1/3 of the ice for the next 2 weeks. At which time we will re-evaluate the strategy.

The intention is to limit the amount of contact further than we’ve already been doing.  This is so that your kid will actually only have contact with 1 coach and 7-9 kids. And that group will be the same for 2 weeks. In the facility we’re combining this strategy with an hvac system that exchanges 100% of the air every 15 minutes, a clear mask wearing policy, our cleaning of all touch surfaces before and after every session, sanitization of the pucks and all other shared equipment.  We continue to be vigilant so that the kids have a place to play. 

All other current protocols around practice time, dressing at home, skate tying outside, questions at the door, etc  remain in place. 

I think we have a great chance in this to take an even deeper dive into small area games and small area training.  Both strategies have been proven over and over to produce exceptionally skilled and highly tuned in hockey players. 

Send questions my way or ask me at the rink. 



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