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Hockey Will Happen in 2020-2021

09/16/2020, 11:00pm MDT
By Grayson Fertig

Pivot, Practice, Persist, Play

Today the Parks & Recreation Commission voted unanimously to approve the proposal that we the hockey club co-created with the P&R staff.  As with everything else during this pandemic period it’s a significant PIVOT from what we’ve known.  There is a detailed document on the P&R website for all registration information.  Be on the lookout for an email coming from P&R.  If you would like further clarification I’m available by email

At this point and for the foreseeable future we will only be practicing.  Along with all of our coaches I am committed to developing the abilities of all of our children and I believe that this focus on PRACTICE  will benefit everyone.  The best hockey players love to practice and at some point fell in love with the process of becoming their best.  Being good at hockey practice or any practice is a skill unto itself and I hope that I can light that fire in all of our kids.

This pandemic winter is not going to be easy.  We will be challenged collectively and individually.  We will have to PERSIST.  Hockey is a beautiful sport for training this life skill.  

Is it worth it?  To give our kids the chance to PLAY and be playful is a great gift especially during times that are fueled by anxiety and constant disruption.  Our moments of play, more significantly our shared moments of play remind us of some of the basics of our humanity.  Let’s lace em’ up and play some puck. 

Pivot, Practice, Persist, Play

Lot’s of love to everyone and thanks for trusting in me.  

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