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Important dates and events 2019/2020:

09/09/2019, 5:15pm MDT
By Brigitte dePagter Kusuno, Board President

Lizard Head Hockey Club  

Important dates and events 2019/2020:



  • Hockey Registration opens: September 19th, 2019 3 PM on the Parks and Rec website. If you have not signed up for a new account with their new system you will need to do this in order to register.


  • Kevin Green Memorial Golf Tournament to Benefit the Lizard Head Hockey Club: Monday, September 23rd at the Telluride Golf Club, 9 am Check-in, Shotgun start at 10 am. 


  • Hockey Swap: Wednesday, October 2nd. Starting @5:30 PM- 7 PM at the Hanley Rink. Get all your gear in one convenient location. Mini & Mite Rental Bags will be distributed at this event. 


  • Mandatory Annual Informational Meeting: October 10th @ 5:30 PM at the Library Program Room. Get all your information in one convenient location. There are several changes this coming season, be informed an attend this mandatory meeting. 



  • Rink Opening Date: Sunday, October 13th (Rink Closing Date: Wednesday, March 4th )  


  • Try Hockey for Free Event @ Hanley Rink: Sunday, October 13th 3-6PM.



  • Bridal Veil Cup, Coed Hockey Tournament Fundraiser for the Lizard Head Hockey Club: October 18th-20th games to be held in the afternoons at the Hanley Rink.



  • Alumni Game, December 22nd @ 6 pm


  • Rink Closing Date: Wednesday, March 4th


Important Info to Know for this coming season:


  • New League for 2019/2020 Season.  We are part of two new leagues for this season. 
  • Our lady skaters are part of the Colorado Girls Hockey League (CGHL) this league includes all Colorado and New Mexico teams. 
  • Our Coed Lizard Head Hockey teams have joined the Western Colorado Hockey League. This league includes the following teams: Aspen, Vail, Glenwood, Summit, Steamboat, West Elk, and Telluride. 


We have declared the following teams for the upcoming 2019/2020 season:

  • Mini-Mites (First-time skaters U8)
  • Mites (U8)
  • 2 Squirt (U10) teams at the A & B levels
  • 2 Peewee (U12) teams at the A & B levels
  • 2 Bantam (U14) teams at the A & B levels
  • Junior Varsity Team
  • Varsity Team
  • Depending on the desire to be involved some Girls U10 opportunities my be an option.
  • U12 Girls team
  • U15 Girls team


  • Game Estimates: 
  • League play with: Aspen, Vail, Glenwood, Summit, Steamboat, West Elk and Telluride for all A & B levels. 


  • Squirt B: 6 home games + 10 away games + playoffs + tournaments +Friendlies TBD
  • Squirt A: 8 home games + 10 away + Playoffs + Tournaments
  • PeeWee B: 8 home games + 10 away + Playoffs + Tournaments +Friendlies TBD
  • PeeWee A: 9 home games + 9 away games + Playoffs + Tournaments +Friendlies TBD
  • Bantam B: 9 home games + 8 away + Playoffs + Tournaments + Friendlies TBD
  •  Bantam A: 10 home games + 10 away + Playoffs + Tournaments + Friendlies TBD


  • JV & Varsity High school: 
  • This league has teams from Southern CO (Durango and Alamosa)  NM (Taos, Los Alamos and 2 teams in Albuquerque)  and 3 teams from Texas. 
  • This year Amarillo and El Paso come to us, therefore we will avoid several trips to Texas. 
  • Not all clubs have a JV and Varsity teams so the schedule will fluctuate in-game count depending on how many teams the various clubs in the league have. 


  • Girls Hockey in Telluride. Telluride will play next season at U-15, U-12, and U-10.  U-12 and U-15 will compete in the newly forming CGHL that will consist of all Colorado teams including the front range teams and New Mexico teams.  U-10 depending on desire will participate in mountain town jamborees and we hope to be able to host one as well.


In House:


In house continues to be an option at all levels with 2 practice a week and no travel games. 


Equipment Information: 


  • Uniforms: all travel players, Squirt and up, need a green travel jersey, and white home jerseys. You will be able to order jerseys via the link on the website. Hockey socks can also be ordered for $15/pair. 


  • Helmets and Breezers. All travel players are required to have black helmets and black breezers.



  • If you need a rental bag for the 2019-2020 season: Rental bags are for Minis and mites and will be available at the Hockey Swap and some set times following the swap.  Email us at to reserve a bag.  Don’t wait, come to the swap for a rental bag!  If your child is a squirt or higher you really should not be using the rental gear.  This rental program is more for the newer skaters. Therefore younger skaters will have priority.

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