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Bridal Veil Cup, Coed Hockey Tournament Fundraiser for the Lizard Head Hockey Club

  • Oct
  • 18
Bridal Veil Cup, Coed Hockey Tournament Fundraiser for the Lizard Head Hockey Club
  • All Day Event   Ical event icon
  • Location: Telluride Hanley Rink



 Registration Closes October 13th, 2019!


  Closes October 13th, 2019! 


Bridal Veil Cup Information:

October 18-20

Friday Night and Saturday Morning=Seeding Rounds 

Sunday Morning= Championship Play



Enter as an individual=$50 per player-team placement through the draft. Draft date 10/15.

Enter as a team=$250 per team of 5(2 female 3 male)

Only 80 spots are available-registration closes 10/13 11:59 pm. 

Jerseys provided on loan from the club. 



Seeding Rounds:

-These are 6 30 minute games 5v5v5 king of the court play.  King of the Court is winning team stays on and plays against the team coming off the bench.  2 games on Friday night. 4 games on Saturday morning. 

-Total goals scored is how the standings for Sunday’s Championship Play will be set.  The team with the highest goal total will be ranked 1 and the team with the lowest total will be ranked 16th. 

-Friday night 10/18 5pm-9pm, Saturday morning 10/19 9am-2pm, Sunday morning 10/20 9am-2pm. Matchups to be released 10/16. 


Championship Play:

-Sunday’s games are standard hockey.  Each team will have 10 players and a goalie.

-Based on the standings(total goals scored) teams 1 and 4 will play against 2 and 3, team 5+8 vs team 6+7, 9+12 vs 10+11, 13+16 vs 14+15


Tournament Philosophy:

The Bridal Veil Cup is a community hockey tournament for adults.  The goal is to bring friends and neighbors together to play some puck and raise money for the Telluride LizardHead Youth Hockey Club.  We changed the format this year in the hopes of 1) raising more money for the hockey club  2) making this early-season tourney more communal and more fun while retaining the competitive possibilities for high performance teams 3) establishing a format that is attractive to participants beyond our region so that OUR event will continue to grow across the years to come.



-Unlimited scoring for all skill level(all rounds)

-The scoring team stays on the ice and defends goal they just scored on(seeding round)

-Tag up off sides(all rounds)

-No icing, goalies must play the puck

-Penalties result in a penalty shot with live puck(all rounds)

-Center ice face off to start the game(all rounds) and center ice face off after goals scored in Championship Play 

-Goalies cannot cover the puck in Seeding Rounds with the first pass is a free guideline in place. Traditional restart faceoff after puck covered to the left or right of goaltender in Championship Play.

-No slappers and no checking and no complaining(all rounds)

-2 females 3 males on the ice(all rounds)

-Goalies drafted for Championship Play based on final rankings from Seeding Rounds

-Enjoy the game, celebrate the game

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