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2020/2021 Hockey Practice Schedule

as of 9/17/2020

2020-2021 Practice Schedule as of 9-17-2020

Mandatory Annual Club Membership & Informational meeting 
Monday, September 21st @ 5:30 PM via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 734 657 3732

Password: 382654

This is not to be missed!
Special Guest Coach Bill Beaney arranged by Grayson!

I have arranged to have legendary coach Bill Beaney speak as our key note speaker at the annual meeting.  This is not to be missed.  I know there is a lot of zooms and phone calls and important stuff going on.  In the midst of that important stuff is our responsibility as hockey parents to be informed.  Coach Beaney is ranked 11th on the college coaching all-times wins list with 8 NCAA championships.  Furthermore he is credited with the creation of small games in USA Hockey and is widely considered in hockey circles to be a super mensch.  

With all due respect it is unlikely that anyone in our club knows more about hockey and hockey player development than Coach Beaney.  He is a wealth of knowledge. I consider his words to be gospel and I strongly encourage everyone to listen in.  

Please spread the word.  This year's meeting is going to be more than just logistics!

Bill Beaney

Hockey Will Happen 2020-2021

Pivot, Practice, Persist, Play

Go to Telluride Parks and Rec website for Registration:

Here is some guidance for the soon to be released registration on the P&R website.  There will be an early registration for returning players that will start today Thursday the 17th and which will close on Monday the 21st.  After that time we will open registration up to all interested players.  Once registration is open to all it will be first come first serve with the maximum number of players in the program being 200:

See the attached groupings if you are wondering where your player will LIKELY be.  These lists are a best guess based on who told me they were interested in playing.  Due to covid guidance each ice slot can only have 25 players in the rink/on the ice at 1 time.  Keep in mind these groupings are not an assessment of your child’s skill or ability, but rather a reasonable way to figure out how to give ALL the kids who want to play a chance to play.  If you are in positions 1-5 or 20-25 in a grouping you can expect that changes in actual registration numbers will affect you.

See the attached schedule to gain some sense of when you will be practicing.  These times won’t change for the foreseeable future.  Again the only change would be on an individual basis should the actual registration differ from the estimated registration.  

It’s worth repeating that we may find that some skaters in our groupings are not those with whom we historically have skated.  These groupings are a best attempt to figure out how to get everyone a chance to play who wants to play.  Typical hockey groupings like squirt, peewee, bantam etc are not the driver for these groupings, but rather school grade is as we try to best mirror the strategies that the schools have in place for keeping groups together. 

The schedule is as fair and balanced as possible.

I’m available to clarify anything further




Use the below Image Gallery to see the practice groups for 2020/2021:

Squirt A team: WCHL 10U Squirt A champions! With a 5-1 win over Vail blue! Congratulations Squirt A, well done!

Squirt B team: had a phenomenal end to their season beating Aspen 5-1. Aspen won the Squirt B league title, but Telluride Squirt B brought it to them in their last game. 

Peewee A & B: Keep up the hard work and determination, this group of skaters has amazing heart and positive attitudes, keep an eye out very good things are to come from this group. 

U12: had a very impressive season with a record of 14-2-0, Congratulations Ladies!

U15: Congratulations on your significant progress this season, you ladies are skating faster and looking stronger every day!

Bantam A: Watch out High schoolers because these boys are coming in strong, this young team as some great talent and will be a force next year as Bantams and for years to come as High School skaters. 

High School Varsity: The Telluride varsity Miners came in 1st to win the Rio Grand High School Hockey League with a record of 17-2-1. Varsity Senior Johnny Wilcox was recognized across the entire league for his sportsmanship and Christian Bets was awarded Rookie Goaltender of the year. 

Good luck to our teams playing this weekend in Denver at the CAHA end of season tournaments. 


Please support Lizard Head Hockey Club by visiting our Go Fund me campaign. 

Everything helps!


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