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Hockey Practice Schedule 

Starting January 4th, 2021

Code Orange Hockey Format-Starts 1/4

Healthy Competition is the theme of the second half of hockey

Here is the summary of our thinking: we have to develop a structure that can easily come apart or go together across the next 10 weeks of unknowns. Inside that structure we are dealing with human pieces of that puzzle. Your kids. Your kids and their hockey hopes and dreams and everyday realities. And maybe too, some of the parents’ realities, preferences and skiing ambitions.  I’m asking for commitment in the form of using the RSVP app.  What I realize is this not going to be perfect for everyone all the time, I already know that, but I think what it will be is 92% accurate and I’m hoping that for the next few months that’s good enough.

It’s a matter of efficiency.  

The RSVP app is as easy as tiktok.  It’s so easy a caveman can do it.  So many parents have asked me how they can help and the simplest answer is that you can make the biggest impact by using the RSVP app.  **It allows practices to be full and coaches to plan dynamic sessions accordingly**.  It also allows a player/family to opt out for any number of reasons and not feel like you’re tanking practice. Hockey will continue to be FUN if practices are fun.  It takes work to make it fun because the coach has to come up with ways to make it engaging and developmentally appropriate.  

The Limitless Future

Possibly we get back tot a point where we are playing games in town, league wide and or statewide.  I cannot say.  I am however thinking about a nimble enough structure where we can quickly pivot towards more expansive game play whether it be in town or in state, indoor or outdoor, with traditional goals or pond hockey goals, etc and etc.  

Based on actual registration and intended registration here are the groups.  If your player’s name is not on here please contact me to get your player involved.

Squirt A team: WCHL 10U Squirt A champions! With a 5-1 win over Vail blue! Congratulations Squirt A, well done!

Squirt B team: had a phenomenal end to their season beating Aspen 5-1. Aspen won the Squirt B league title, but Telluride Squirt B brought it to them in their last game. 

Peewee A & B: Keep up the hard work and determination, this group of skaters has amazing heart and positive attitudes, keep an eye out very good things are to come from this group. 

U12: had a very impressive season with a record of 14-2-0, Congratulations Ladies!

U15: Congratulations on your significant progress this season, you ladies are skating faster and looking stronger every day!

Bantam A: Watch out High schoolers because these boys are coming in strong, this young team as some great talent and will be a force next year as Bantams and for years to come as High School skaters. 

High School Varsity: The Telluride varsity Miners came in 1st to win the Rio Grand High School Hockey League with a record of 17-2-1. Varsity Senior Johnny Wilcox was recognized across the entire league for his sportsmanship and Christian Bets was awarded Rookie Goaltender of the year. 

Good luck to our teams playing this weekend in Denver at the CAHA end of season tournaments. 


Click here for the Hanley Pavilion Rink Schedule

Rink Schedule


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